Industry-Leading Electrical Services in Athol, ID

When you need reliable electrical services such as panel upgrades, surge protection, or emergency service in the Athol, ID area, you can count on the team at DNA Electric to get you the results you need. We have a proven track record for solving even the most complex electrical issues, with a solid safety record and highly trained technicians that will go above and beyond to make you happy. When you need electrical services one call is all it takes for a long-lasting solution.

We also offer convenient membership plans for single member homes, businesses, and apartments that will help you save 10% on all services and get prioritized emergency service when you need help right away.

If you need reputable electrical services in Athol, ID, or the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today and book an appointment for trusted and timely service.

Emergency Electrical Services in Athol, ID

When you have an electrical emergency, there’s always the potential for a life-altering situation due to a fire or electrocution. It’s easy for homeowners to underestimate the need to call for emergency electrical services, but it’s also better to be safe than sorry when dealing with electricity. Here are some scenarios where you want to give us a call so we can come out and assess the situation right away:

  • Power outages lasting longer than a few hours

  • A burning smell close to any electrical outlets or appliances

  • Electrical outlets that are hot to the touch

  • Smoke coming from any circuits or outlets

  • Scorch marks on your electrical outlets

  • If you get strong shocks when you touch lamps or other appliances

  • If severe weather has caused power lines to fall on your property

  • If your circuits trip repeatedly and you smell something burning

Benefits of Professional Lighting Installation in Athol, ID

Changing the lighting inside or outside your home can make a big difference in functionality and design quality. It’s easy to take for granted just how profound a difference new lighting can create, and having your lighting installed by professionals makes it even more pronounced. Some of the benefits of having professional lighting installation in your home or on your property include:

  • Improved security and enhanced peace of mind

  • Improved safety when moving around at night

  • Enhanced aesthetics

  • The ability to highlight certain features of your property

  • Creating a new mood or feel for outdoor gatherings

  • Greater convenience for getting around at night

  • Higher property value

When to Call Our Athol Circuit Repair Experts

When you have problems with your home’s circuits, it can affect the entire electrical system and everything that runs off electricity inside your house. Faulty circuits are also associated with an increased risk of fires or shocks, and it’s always a good idea to call a professional before you end up with a situation that you will regret. It’s never a good idea to DIY your circuit repairs, so if you notice any of the following signs, be sure to give us a call:

  • Circuit Breakers that trip repeatedly

  • Flickering lights or dimming in different areas of your house

  • The smell of something burning near electrical outlets

  • Scorch marks on the outside of your outlets

  • Tingling or buzzing in your hands when you touch appliances

  • If your kitchens or bathrooms are not equipped with GFCI outlets

When you need help with your electrical circuits, just give us a call and we will show up to assess the situation and provide you with a solution that lasts.

Our Wide Range of Services in Athol, ID

We offer a range of high-quality electrical services in Athol, including:

Why Work with Us?

Working with our team of electrical experts in Athol means you can take advantage of our high-quality electrical services and exceptional customer service. We aim to make you feel like a member of the family by taking care of your needs and helping you feel safe and comfortable all year long. Additional benefits of working with us include:

  • Regular monthly giveaways

  • Free USB outlets for every household we work in

  • Honest and upfront pricing with no hidden costs

  • Courteous technicians that treat your home like it was their own

For reliable electrical installation and repair services in Athol, ID, or any of the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today for service you can count on.

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