Proven Electrical Installation, Repair & Inspection in Priest River, ID

Do you need reputable electrical services like wiring upgrades, smoke detector repair, or circuit inspections in the Priest River, ID area? Our team at DNA Electric has developed a strong reputation in the local community for solving challenging electrical problems and providing memorable customer service. We want to treat you just like a member of the family so we will always go out of our way to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. Whether you need a quick inspection or a comprehensive repair or installation, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

If you’d like to take advantage of even more features and benefits, we offer three separate membership plans that include single family homes, businesses, and apartments. No matter which plan you’re on, you’ll save 10% on all your electrical services and get prioritized emergency service for times when you encounter issues outside of regular business hours.

Get in touch with us today for high-quality electrical services in Priest River, ID, or any of the surrounding areas.

Proven Emergency Electrical Services in Priest River, ID

Electrical emergencies don’t happen very often, but when they do it’s crucial to have access to a reputable team of electricians to take control of the situation and keep you and your family safe. Many homeowners believe an emergency consists of smoke, fire, and sparks, and while those are emergencies, it’s also a good idea to call if you experience any of the following:

  • Extended power outages

  • Shocks when you touch household appliances

  • The smell of smoke near circuits or wires

  • Fallen power lines on your property

  • Outlets that feel hot to the touch

  • Scorch marks around electrical outlets

The key point to remember is it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and this is especially true when it concerns your electrical system. There are many different ways you or your family members can be injured or even worse from a faulty electrical system, which is why getting in touch with us as soon as possible is always the best course of action.

Electrical Inspections You Can Count On

Professional electrical inspections are a great way to provide peace of mind knowing that your home’s wiring and circuits are in good working order and there is no risk of a dangerous situation. When we come out to inspect your electrical system, we will take a close look at all of the wiring in the house, make sure there are no electricity leaks, inspect your lighting and switches, determine if you’re susceptible to power surges, and provide you with a written report on our findings. Some of the reasons you may consider calling us for an electrical inspection include:

  • If your home is more than 40 years old

  • If you’ve added new major appliances to the house

  • If you add new outlets to the house

  • If you’re purchasing a new house and want to check on the electrical system

  • If you’re adding an addition or doing home renovations

Reasons to Call Our Priest River Outlet Installation Experts

While most modern homes are built with the correct number of outlets to accommodate modern appliances and devices, older homes may not have the number of outlets you need. If you live in an older home and find there aren’t enough outlets for your needs, giving us a call for outlet installation makes sense. Here are some things we will consider when determining if you need new outlets:

  • The electrical codes or bylaws in your area

  • If you need more power in the house or more outlets due to renovations

  • If you’ve been having problems with the current electrical outlets

  • How many outlets you need to have installed

  • Where they should be installed in the house

Complete Electrical Services in the Priest River, ID Area

We proudly serve the Priest River area with the following services:

Working with Our Electrical Experts

Having access to a proven team of electrical experts makes a world of difference when you have issues with your electrical system. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with every customer in the Priest River area, and we will always go out of our way to make sure you are happy. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Exciting monthly giveaways

  • Free USB outlets for every house we work on

  • Friendly technicians who treat your home just like it was their own

  • Honest and upfront pricing with no hidden costs

If you need reputable electrical services in Priest River, ID, or any of the nearby communities, get in touch with us today and book an appointment to get the process started.

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